Digital technology workstreams overview


A framework was developed to assist with the alignment of the various workstreams needed to support the transformational growth of the digital tech sector.

Accelerated Growth

Based on the comparative advantages of the sector, trends and feedback from stakeholders during early engagement, the DITP and its workstreams are framed around three priorities: accelerated growth, strong foundations and Māori participation.

Accelerated growth will come from rapidly expanding our digital exports, both enterprise SAAS solutions and game development as they provide weightless exports that can be quickly scaled for a global market. In the longer term the application of artificial intelligence is expected to further support transformational growth.

Strong Foundations

It is important the DITP include actions and initiatives that also ensure strong foundations for the domestic industry. This includes skills, data, government and capital. Skills is a primary focus of the DITP. The required transformation will not be possible unless the skills pipelines, industry culture, talent investment and other skills-related challenges are addressed.


Given the increasing role of digital across the economy and society, it is vital Māori are empowered to be active participants in the sector, with government having a significant role as a Te Tiriti partner. The sector needs to do more to welcome and attract participation by Māori and other demographic groups. A te ao Māori approach, drawing on a diversity of thought, indigenous values, ways of being and a deepseated entrepreneurial mind-set, can also be a valuable differentiator for New Zealand in global markets.

The actions identified in this DITP are intended to build Māori participation in the sector over time, while recognising the Waitangi Tribunal principle that Māori have the option to “walk in two worlds”.

Tech Story

To ensure cohesion across the sector, the DITP is supporting work that promotes a consistent international message and encourages a common purpose at home. The sector will be able to draw on and contribute to a new shared story – our Tech Story – that takes New Zealand technology and innovation capabilities to the world.