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The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story

The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story (Tech Story) is a marketing initiative designed to enhance our international reputation for delivering world-class solutions and present New Zealand as a compelling place for tech talent and investment.

It aims to:

  • Promote Aotearoa New Zealand’s tech and innovation capabilities
  • Enhance our global reputation for tech and innovation
  • Provide opportunities for tech businesses to grow.

Why are we working on this?

Technology is one of New Zealand’s largest export earners and experiencing rapid growth. However, global awareness of our strength and capability remains relatively low. 

Developing our reputation as a hi-tech nation will help grow our tech exports, international investment, attract more students into tech roles and inspire the next generation.

New Zealand’s response to COVID-19 has heightened global interest in our country and positioned us as a forward-thinking and innovative nation. Now is the time to promote and share our story of locally developed technology, talent and innovation.  

What will we achieve?

The Tech Story will promote New Zealand’s tech and innovation capabilities in a way that helps grow tech exports, attract investment, tech talent and inspire the next generation. 

To enable growth, the Digital Technology Industry Transformation Plan (Digital ITP) has identified several elements requiring support:

  • Encourage students to learn digital skills and consider tech career pathways.
  • Inspire entrepreneurial start-ups and grow the tech pipeline by raising the profile of tech and innovation within New Zealand.

The objectives of the New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story are:

  1. Create a framework enabling industry and key Government agencies to showcase New Zealand’s strength in tech and innovation.
  2. Encourage New Zealand technology businesses to use the outputs of the Tech Story to help increase global sales, attract investment and attract talent. 
  3. Achieve a positive perception shift in New Zealand’s innovation capabilities in key international markets.
  4. Ensure the Tech Story promotes international awareness for New Zealand as a destination for technology and innovation investment and research. 

Who is involved?

The New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story is being led by NZTech and the tech industry and developed in collaboration with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), New Zealand Story, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Callaghan Innovation, Te Tira Toi Whakangao (T3W) and Ministry of Education (MoE).

A Governance Group was established in 2020 has developed a framework to enable the successful development and activation of the Tech Story. 

Next steps

The programme consists of four key phases:

  1. Discover (complete): We connected with over 600 business leaders, investors, tech professionals and influencers in the New Zealand and international tech communities to understand their current views on the international tech landscape – identifying the gaps in our knowledge that relate to a tech and innovation story.
  2. Define (complete): From these learnings, we defined our story through development workshops to test and validate the Story narrative, key messages and brand positioning.
  3. Create (in progress): Identify and create the New Zealand Tech and Innovation Story assets, stories and online platforms that reflect the messages and brand positioning we know will help us achieve our objectives for the New Zealand tech industry.
  4. Activate (not started): Provide tech businesses and Government agencies the tools and assets they need to use the Tech Story to assist them in achieving their commercial objectives. Priority markets will be selected, and activation begins through a range of paid promotion and marketing activities.

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