OLD Māori Tech Success

Why are we working on this?

Partnership with Māori is a key principle of the development of Industry Transformation Plans. There are significant opportunities for the Māori economy through enabling Māori success in the digital technologies sector, both through providing clearer pathways into the sector for rangatahi, upskilling workers and providing better support for Māori businesses.

What are we trying to achieve?

A key measure of success will be an increase in participation by Māori in the digital tech sector – both workforce and business enterprise.  MBIE will undertake targeted engagement with Māori stakeholders to understand their aspirations in the sector and any current challenges and opportunities. We will also seek input across our other workstreams to ensure the ITP as a whole can deliver for the Māori economy. We will then identify key partners who we can work with to co-design and fund initiatives targeted at enabling Māori success in the sector.

Relevant work underway

  • MBIE has contracted IDIA to design an engagement plan targeted at hearing from Māori stakeholders about their aspirations in the digital technologies sector, as well as getting input across the other workstreams in the ITP
  • Te Kupenga is setting up the Enabling Māori Framework that will look to fund initiatives targeted at Māori within the Digital Technologies, Agritech and Construction sectors
  • The Ministry of Education and NZTech are running events throughout NZ on building tech career pathways

Next steps

We will undertake engagement over the next few months, with a report summarising the findings from engagements completed by the end of the year.

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