Māori Tech Success


Empower Māori to increase their participation in the sector, as business owners, entrepreneurs and in the workforce.

This workstream aims to ensure the ITP promotes activity that enhances Māori participation in the Digital Technologies sector, having regard for Te Tiriti and its three articles:

  • kāwanatanga / government as steward (government has a responsibility to provide goods and services to citizens)
  • tino rangatiratanga / self-determination (government has the responsibility to enable iwi/ Māori to be self-determining, such as through partnering with iwi which increases the range of options for Māori to engage in the sector)
  • ōritetanga / equity (Māori as citizens have the right to equitable outcomes)

All other workstreams have actions that aim to grow and reinforce a Māori presence in the industry. At this stage, we have not favoured establishing a formal Steering Group. The focus has been on a series of interviews and workshops with Māori stakeholders, to ensure the right issues are being addressed.

Going forward, the workstream will likely focus on both progressing actions that directly promote Māori participation and also ensuring other workstreams are giving due consideration to Māori issues.

Initial work completed includes:

  • Interviews with Māori stakeholders to better understand views and experiences in the sector
  • Development of a proposal to address the challenges facing the Māori Technology Ecosystem (MTE), including that its champions are not suitably connected, under resourced and not set up to scale their work

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Actions for the workstream are directed towards understanding the barriers to boosting Māori participation across all capacities.

Specific priority actions include:

Maori Tech Insights Report

Supporting the development of a “by Māori, for Māori” insights report on the MTE. The report aims to provide the Māori Tech sector with a clear reference point of what is taking place for Māori, to provide insights for whānau, hapū and iwi, government and New Zealand’s Digital Technologies sector generally. This report, which is planned to be completed in early-2022, will utilise a kaupapa Māori/mātauranga Māori framework and help to put together

  • a better understanding of what and who is the MET
  • why it is important for New Zealand
  • what is happening internationally across various indigenous populations in this space
  • what is happening throughout New Zealand (including high level ecosystem mapping, size and growth data, aggregated policy review, case studies)
  • what are the key opportunities and challenges
  • what recommendations can be suggested based on this information

Whitiki Initiative

A companion action is “Whītiki”, a new “champions” function to support the MTE. This role would focus on connecting, advising, supporting Māori in navigating the ecosystem, with KPIs to support growth in digital skills and business success. Initial scoping of this new role will be completed before the end of 2021, with set-up occurring early in 2022

Māori Tech Story

A further potential action is to create a Māori in Tech story linked to the Tech Story currently under development. It would have a specific focus on inspiring Māori to be active in the sector, either in education/training or in business enterprise.