Government Procurement


Changes to the government procurement process assist in achieving the transformational goals of the sector and ensure it is well regarded domestically and internationally for supporting innovation and the ingenuity of tech companies.

The Steering Group for the Government workstream is made up of representatives from NZRise, NZTech and the MBIE and DIA procurement teams.

It has focussed on understanding the issues and identifying areas where meaningful change can be made with the procurement process.

The key actions proposed under this workstream is the establishment of an ICT Procurement Transformation Team, which will then develop actions and initiatives in consultation with the sector.

The key risk for the workstream is maintaining effective participation across government, as the DITP does not have any direct levers.

The engagement process has highlighted that more work is required to ensure that procurement activities are getting the best out of domestic firms and to reduce barriers to participation, particularly for small businesses and new entrants.

Procurement can also do more to contribute to the success of the DITP than just process and practice improvements. Subject to funding, the New Zealand Government Procurement branch within MBIE, alongside DIA, is looking to set up a new ICT Procurement Transformation Team that will work together with the digital technologies sector on how procurement can make a stronger impact on industry transformation. It will, for example:

  • Look at how commercial expertise is distributed across the government system and how we can strengthen cross government collaborative leadership, share knowledge and reduce duplication
  • Review system settings and clarify mandates
  • Develop digitally-focussed procurement approaches that are more responsive in a complex and fast-paced market and build market capability and resilience \
  • Scope, develop and oversee/implement transformative initiatives
  • Consider alternative approaches to providing commercial support for high-risk projects or agencies that need support
  • Identify leading practices and develop case studies.

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Lead Partners


In addition to setting up an ICT Procurement Transformation Team, other work for this workstream will include:

  • Produce a guide for operationalising Broader Outcomes, with a focus on New Zealand ICT businesses accessing government procurement opportunities
  • Facilitate an Open Contracting Data Standards workshop with industry, to enable procurement data to be made publicly available and usable by the sector.
  • Digital Nations project to use digital tools and data-driven technologies to revolutionise procurement.