Enhancing the Skills and Talent Pipeline

Equipping more New Zealanders, from a wider variety of backgrounds, with the technical and soft skills needed to work and thrive in the digital technologies sector, and to grow businesses in the sector.

Integral to the success of the digital technologies sector is access to the right skills and talent at the right time.  Digital skills in this ITP refers to those skills required to participate in the digital tech workforce (red triangle in the diagram below).  Actions to upskill and reskill workers for this workforce will have spill-over benefits for other industries as well, including those needing workers with technical digital skills such as agritech, advanced manufacturing, construction, fintech, health tech, and food and beverage. Increasingly workers with digital tech skills will be able to move across industries as they traverse their career pathway.

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The Digital Skills and Talent Plan (DSTP) outlines initiatives across 10 areas of action that would enhance the skills and talent pipeline, and to address its existing gaps and challenges. This focus area will deliver a targeted implementation of the DSTP initiatives, taking the partnership approach integral to the ITP, and based on coordinated action and investment from both industry and government, working with providers and communities.

Priority Area

Woven through each of the priority areas are distinct cross-cutting objectives: 

  • the need to increased diversity in the workforce
  • the implementation of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)
  • to grasp the opportunity for government to role model the transformation needed in the industry
  • establish a framework such as a revitalised Digital Skills Forum 
  • input into immigration policy