Artificial Intelligence


Produce an ethically-based strategy and put in place appropriate institutions that enable New Zealand to adopt AI safely, protect New Zealanders from AI risks and supports sector transformation that contributes to domestic and export growth over the longer term.

The AI Steering Group comprises members from the New Zealand AI Forum and MBIE. There is also a wider working group drawn from across government and academia.

The priorities for the next 12 months will be to deliver the AI Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand and a roadmap of action, and gain Cabinet approval to proceed with a Centre for AI.

These actions will put the right safeguards in place to develop trustworthy AI in New Zealand, growing public trust in the technology and supporting businesses to realise the opportunities provided by AI. This will improve the foundations for AI in New Zealand and provide the right conditions for New Zealand’s AI businesses to grow domestically and internationally.

Initial work completed or presently underway, includes:

  • Drafting of AI Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand with targeted engagements
  • Understanding New Zealand business views on the adoption of AI technologies
  • Engagement with AI sector (domestically and internationally)
  • AI Playbook on national conversations launched and a series of blog posts published (a project undertaken with the World Economic Forum)
  • Work on initial scoping project for a Centre of AI


AI Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand

The development and release of an AI Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand will set the vision and direction for AI use in New Zealand, building a thriving AI ecosystem on a foundation of trust, equity and accessibility.

Centre for AI

Overseas experience has shown that there are two main things holding back the use of AI. Wariness over the complex nature of AI and the risks this poses, and a lack of understanding of the technology. Engagement with domestic and international colleagues suggests that a Centre of AI would provide an independent and visible focal point to grow understanding of AI and other data driven technologies.

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