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Digital Tech ITP

Skills Pipeline Workstream Update #01.2021

Current work underway

Skills workstream full speed ahead. Assumptions process now complete and work is being undertaken over the next month in each of 8 identified key areas. Steering Group will then prioritise and size etc.

Upcoming engagements and milestones

A series of deep-dive workshops this month and it would be great to have as many involved in these as possible.

Emerging themes

There is no silver bullet – it will take a range of initiatives across a range of areas to change the skills mismatch situation. Hardest will be a changed mindset from employers and others.

Potential funding needs

Current resourcing is sufficient to continue this work. Once action plan is devised for skills, some funding will be needed to support new and existing initiatives (around mid-2021)

Potential challenges

No significant issues. Only time!

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