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Digital Tech ITP

AI Strategy Workstream Update #01.2021

Current work underway

Initial Engagement is proceeding on the cornerstones, with a more in-depth engagement and communications plan in development.

Upcoming engagements and milestones

Initial engagement on the AI Strategy Cornerstones with key stakeholders is currently being planned. The AI Summit to be held on May 12 will also provide a further opportunity to engage more broadly.

Emerging themes

Coordinating and collaborating are becoming key themes for the Strategy, using it to bring together the multiple streams of work underway in different places.

Potential funding needs

Gain agreement from Minister to proceed with engagement on the AI Strategy. Begin work on a business case for a Centre of AI.

Potential challenges

Alignment with the newly proposed Digital Strategy. Meeting the expectations of a large number of stakeholders.

Digital Tech ITP The Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan is an industry / government collaboration to help grow the digital technologies sector as part of the New Zealand Government’s industry policy.