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Feedback sought on discussion document from the Data Driven Innovation workstream

Feedback sought

Thank you to everyone who has indicated interest in the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Workstream of the Digital Technologies ITP.

Based on interviews with Data Scientists, business professionals and associated desk research, we have created a discussion document.

We would appreciate any feedback on the document, particularly in relation to the proposed actions. Feedback can be provided via the associated webform. Feedback will close end of March 2021.

Once the feedback is collated we plan to undertake a Zoom call to discuss the feedback and how the workstream plans to move forward.

Once again thanks for your interest.

Data Driven Innovation project team


Through the consultation carried out with industry stakeholders late 2019 concerning potential roadblocks to the growth of the sector, the role of data and its use and application by businesses was a commonly raised theme.

In reviewing the feedback overall, there were three specific issues relating to data. These can seem on the face of it to be discrete, but in reality are interrelated. The identified issues are:

  1. Open data –making more data available for use
  2. Issues associated with data literacy and education around data – ensuring people know how to use data effectively and can safely and ethically derive value from data
  3. Data being undervalued –in both the financial and socio-economic sense (and therefore its full potential is not realised).

Give us your feedback

Please provide any feedback or comments you have by 31 March 2021.

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